Plasticfree Moisture Absorber

Japanese Binchotan activated charcoal eliminate musty odors and create fresher air in the home! It attracts and traps excess moisture. It also eliminates musty odors. Plus It is safe to use around children and pets. Cheaper and no noise at all as opposed to buying and running an electric one. It’s perfect for use in any place where moisture problems and musty odors are a concern.

I live in Japan and it stays pretty humid year round. Without it, I have had moisture and worse, odor problems. Binchotan activated charcoal does an excellent job of collecting moisture. These really are fragrance-free,no odor at all. My closet and clothes smell fresh, not artificial. It always keeps the closets smelling fresh and free of mold. It is disceet and effective.

– rinse off the excess ash.
– boil it for 10 minutes before first use.
– dry out

Be sure to dry out and air the stick in sunlight every few months. Or boil it on a monthly basis. One stick should last a year if cared for properly. Bamboo charcoal is also works !

Another way to use Binchotan activated charcoal at home.

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