Quick Japanese Tsukemono Pickles

Japanese traditional pickles fermenter in a Jar! Give the jar as a gift, and all the recipient has to do is add the cutted fresh vegetables. This Japanese traditional pickles fermenter in a Jar is the perfect way to give someone a shortcut to homemade pickles. And who doesn’t love freshly pickles?

It comes in the Japanese traditional style. It is made by fermenting vegetables in bread. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast are present to make the pickling successful. You can pickle various vegetables you love! My favorite is radish, avocado and cucumber. Root vegetables being a good choice, but it’s up to you !

– bread 200g
– salt 3 tbs
– yogurt 1-2 cup ( depends on your bread )

In a bowl, add teared bread, yogurt and salt. Mix by hand. You are going for the consistency of wet sand. This will serve as the pickles fermenter.


– Soak cutted vegetables in pickles fermenter inside the jar.
– Put in the room temperature and after 1 night the pickles are ready.
– Wash pickles fermenter from the fermented vegetables.

It’s ready to eat! If your room temperature exceeds over 25℃, move the jar to a cooler area in your refrigerator. Adding new bread & salt to the existing one is recommended for once every 4 weeks, depending on the amount.

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