Shop To Visit In Japan

I get direct messages asking me for my recommendations for zero-waste-friendly places in Japan. If you looking for zerowaste alternatives, I recommend to go to Tokyu Hands !If you are into zerowaste lifestyle, this is the place to go to. Tokyu Hands is a famous variety store selling high quality livingware. This is sort of like the Japanese version of a Home Depot or Target. Everything is available there . You can find unique & unusual stuffs there. It is actually not ‘zerowaste’ shop. It’s the place to go if you want to buy Japanese style zerowaste alternatives . If you want anythings with good quality, this is the place to go, too. This chain is everywhere in Japan. Definitely to go there when you visit Japan!

Example of what you can find here.
Terra wash mug: More info on my blog post!

100% cotton umbrella:

Activated charcoal: More info is on my blog!

Wooden & Bamboo lunch box : More info is on my blog!

Thermos bottles & containers:

Bamboo ear pick : More info on my blog post !

Natural loofah : More info is on my blog!

Many things you’ve needed for zerowaste life is available at Tokyu Hands. If you have time in Japan, check there !

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