Swap dish Sponges for a Natural loofah

I use loofah for dish washing.I love this 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic washing up sponges. If you don’t use currently, I would recommend you give them a try. The spongy texture is perfect for washing dishes.The plant fiber are ideal for pots and pans,too . It works like scrubbing brush.You can cut it into small pieces according to your needs by kitchen knife .Loopah is plastic free and micro plastic free. After using 3months , loofah can be tossed into the compost !

-Wet the loofah
-Buff dishes with the loofah
-Rinse the dishes with water

loofah helps remove grease stains from the dishes. You do not need dish soap for light meal dishes.

Plus I would love to grow my own loofah this year. Yes, loofah is a vegetable!I bought loopah seedling, and planted in April. Old Japanese people used to make their dish washing sponges from homegrown loofah before.So I am trying on my bancony now!I hope I can get homegrown loofah sponges after summer !!

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