The 2 easiest indoor houseplants

House plants are ideal décor items for homes. These are going to make a lovely addition to my home. Those help purify the air in my home. Indoor pollutants can be reduced easily with houseplants. I highly recommend herbs for these plants. If you have a glass jar and fresh water, you can grow herbs in water in your kitchen!

I don’t have the space for an outdoor garden but I love fresh ingredients so these herbs was perfect for me. These are really cute and fit on my kitchen shelf perfectly. When I walk into the kitchen I love the smell from the fresh herbs. I am able to grab what I need is just ideal. These herbs are perfect for the beginner gardener and to do with kids. This is a fun little project to do at home!

– perennial herbs( the easiest herbs are Mint and Basil.)
– water

– Begin with some herbs from the grocery store.
– Cut off the bottom of each stem to allow it to absorb the water.
– Place the herb stems in the jars filled with water.
– Place them where they get sunlight.
– Change the water each day.

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