Turn a furoshiki into a reusable bag

Eco-unfriendly shame,I sometimes run into situations where I wish I had a reusable bag.At that time, How do you shop without your own reusable bags? Do you get single use plastic bags?I do not want to use single use plastic bags, so I use my Japan’s eco bag, furoshiki!

Furoshiki is a traditional square cloth.Traditionally used for carrying our belongings. Sadly, When plastic bags began being used in Japan, furoshiki use declined. However,There are many methods of Furoshiki that can show you how to wrap anything. It can fit almost anything We need to carry!

Using a furoshiki, I will teach you how to turn it into a reusable bag in a pinch! This method allows you to easily create a bag for carrying a food or other products.Yes! All you need is a square of light cloth. You can use your scarf & napkin, too.

-lay out your square cloth
-make a triangle
-tie both sides
-inside out

I used 50 cm X 50 cm furoshiki on this video. You can make bigger producebags or smaller shopping bags, too!

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