Way to Use up Onion Skins

Do you know we Japanese eat onion skins ? It is just plain dried onion skins, in flakes that are too crunchy to eat on their own, but make a wonderful addition to cooked foods like meat, fish, stews or soups. It adds instant flavor to dishes. It is great to have on hand to add extra flavor to what you’re cooking. One of the best product in my kitchen is this, it changed the taste of my cooking and everybody gave me compliments about the taste, my secret ingredient. The taste is great!


– Onion skins


– Oven-drying them .

– Blend the dried leaves until consistent using your blender.

You’ve got yourself some dried onion skins flakes to use in all of your cooking! If you have good blender, you can make onion skins powder,too ! Try !

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