What to Do with Carrot Tops

Do you eat carrot tops ? Don’t throw them away. We Japanese use them as ‘parsley flakes’. You can make ‘parsley flakes’ from carrot tops at home. Home dried carrot tops have a MUCH fresher aroma than any store-bought parsley flakes I have ever had!

Carrot tops are that one herb that every kitchen needs to have successful dishes. I enjoy using them in soups. It is aromatic and easy to use. I use these in my daily cooking, in many ways. Having these on hand makes adding visual interest to your meals,too. Stir into rice or pastas or any kind of sauce to add some bright green. When making lasagna, stir them into your ricotta cheese for that restaurant look. The possibilities are endless!I can see good possibilities to use it in other dishes!

– Fresh carrot tops


-Hang the bundles upside down in a warm area to dry them.
– Check them from time to time to see if they are dry enough to be stored.
– Remove the leaves from the stem.
– Store them in an air-tight container.

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