What’s In My Zero Waste Bag?

This is what I keep in my bag daily! If you’re interested in zerowaste lifestyle, here are some great products to help your zerowaste life.


Bamboo Lunch box:

I sometimes buy breads with this basket. It keeps breads soft. Plus it’s light weight, so it’s easy to bring.

Furoshiki :
Furoshiki has so many uses. I often turn furoshiki into shopping bag when I need extra bags! I also wrap my lunch with it. It can be picnic rug,too.

Reusable Chopsticks:
I bring my own chopsticks everywhere. Disposable chopsticks are still used in many restaurants in Japan.

I wipe my hands with it. I do not need to use paper napkins.

Damp cloth:
I use reusable damp cloth instead of single use wet wipes. Damp cloth is VERY convenient! I often wipe my hands before eating.I also wipe my kids hands & mouth, too.

Water bottle:

My bottle is Klean kanteen 12oz. I often add brown tea into the bottle. This size is just for me.It’s wide mouth, so it’s easy to wash.

Reusable straws:

I can refuse disposable plastic straws with this. StarbucksJapan will stop to use plastic straws soon!

Organic produce bags:

I often go to supermarket after work. There’s a tiny bulk section. (rice and vegetables) I use these bags to get them. They’re the perfect size to bring home veggies. It’s organic cloth, so it’s safe to put foods!

What do you keep in your bag that helps you reduce waste?

Japan only!

(This post was sponsored by All cotton and linen. I received Produce bags to try for free. All thoughts are my own.)
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