Zero Waste Cast Iron Pan

It’s my cast iron pan, it has lasted for 10 years with frequent use. It still works very well.

I used to use the non-stick coating frying pans before. It was actually very easy to use.I could cook with a minimal amount of oil without sticking. However, it did not last long.It started to chip off easily.I had to replace it every few years.It was not good for zero waste life & our health.

I love cast iron pan. I think it cooks food better than non stick ones. Heating the pan hot before adding food helps prevent sticking. Moreover, as the food cooks, you can pick up iron from the pan.When I was pregnant, I was anemia. My doctor recommend to use iron kitchen tools. After using, I became Ok ,because I could absorb the iron from them.

In Japan, this Riverlight Kiwami iron pan is popular. It is much lighter than ordinal cast iron pans.It is much easier to handle and maintain compared to others. You can use it like non-sticking pan. Plus, you don’t need to use soap to clean it.Just scrub with brush. It is handmade with the Japanese craftmanships.

Japan only!

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