Zero Waste Cleaning

I feature Japanese style zerowaste cleaning products today. I do not have vacuum cleaner now. Instead of using vacuum cleaner , I use a Japanese old style broom with a dustpan for floor cleaning. Different from vacuum cleaners, you do not need to worry about the noise. You can clean the room when your baby is sleeping. Plus My broom and dustpan have lasted for 10 years, and they still works very well. I do not need to buy single use paper bags for vacuum cleaners or disposable pads for cleaning mop forever !

This dustpan is called ‘Harimi’ in Japan .This is a very light dustpan. It is framed with bamboo, and it is made of PAPER treated with persimmon juice ! Dust won’t stick, there is no static electricity.It gives you a static free sweep every time.It’s very soft touch, so it does not scratch floor.

This woven broom is made of bamboo and natural grass.It is handmade by Japanese specialist craftsmen. It is intended for indoor use only.It gives wood floors a waxed look, too.

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