Zero Waste Deodorant Recipe

This easy DIY spray deodorant is so fresh and smells so good! Moreover, it works very well!Enzymes will break the molecules that creates odors. I spray it under my arms every morning. I love it.

My zerowaste enzyme deodorant was made from Citrus peels. ( I used Japanese Citrus, Yuzu peels. You can use lemon peels or lime peels as well. )

Citrus peels ( organic one ) & water & brown sugar

-Drop the citrus peels( seeds are also OK) into the bottle.
-Pour the water until top.
-pour 1tbs of sugar.
-Cover the bottle and date it.(warm place is better )
-open the cover & mix it everyday.
-when the enzyme is ready to use, it will be bubbling!
-When it is ready, filter them.
-pour it into spray bottle.

My room is around 20℃ now. Enzyme is ready after only 1 week ! In winter , it took 1 month. It depends on the temperature.

I heard commercial deodorants could cause breast cancer. Those contain harsh chemicals, too. I’m worry about it, so I use this natural deodorant spray now .

This homemade deodorant spray is safe to be stored for a month in refrigerator.

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