Zero waste period

What kind of period care products do you use? Menstrual cups are becoming popular now. I know it’s very ecofriendly & zerowaste , but I’m afraid of the potential possibility of toxic shock syndrome ( TSS ).

I just read Japanese book about Japanese old women’s period. The book said old Japanese women did without sanitary goods during period before. I can not belive but they could control their flow. They flew their blood to the toilet !! If I can do this, I can reduce a lot of period waste.

That’s why I am trying ‘flow control’now . It sometimes works, and sometimes does not work. It’s a little bit difficult for me, so I am only trying at home now.

-do not wear any period care product.
-go to toilet whenever I feel it coming.
-flow when I go to the toilet.
-go to the toilet frequently.( at first, I went to the toilet every 10 minutes )

I can feel when the flow be released now a little.

There are another advantages. After trying, my period only lasts 4 days now.My period lasted about 1 week before. Moreover, I do not know why but blood does not come at night time like before. I do not need big pads at night time now !

I found this book on Amazon, but only Japanese..

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  1. Amy says:

    Amazing. I have never heard about this before. Thank for sharing about how old Japanese women handle their period. I’m using cloth pad. My period also reduce from 1 week to 3-4 days. 🙂