Zero Waste Snack Idea

I made ‘apple chips’ from apple peels! These are fantastic! Super flavorful and very crunchy. No additives, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free makes it a perfect snack for all ages. And huge plus that they’re organic.

This is a totally delicious, 100% natural, very low calorie snack. And quite refreshing too! Kids should love this. These are a great alternative to chips and crackers. Love that they don’t have any oil or anything else.Not artificially sweetened at all, just the natural apple flavor. The chips have a nice slight brown color, because there isn’t any citric acid added to keep them pale. Every apple chip I’ve had since these simply falls short.
It is hard to find fruit chips on the market without added sugar and other bad ingredients.

How to Make it:
-Peel apple skins.
-Arrange apple skins on wire cooling racks and position in the sun. (Be careful for birds.)
-The peels should feel dry.If you’re unsure about their dryness store in a freezer.

The cinnamon adds a nice flavor, but plain is good, too. My kids are big snackers and these are so much better for them than junk snacks. I haven’t had any issues with these.

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