Zero Waste Solition to Q-tips

I used to clean my ears with cotton swabs.However,I heard cotton swab is the most polluting things on the oceans. Japanese Bamboo ear pick, mimikaki is a great alternative to cotton swabs. Bamboo earpick is reusable. We families share it.We can reduce a lot of waste. It’s the most ecological way to clean ears.One bamboo earpick replaces all the single use cotton swabs throwing away everyday .

YES!I am using bamboo earpick instead of cotton swabs now. Spoon-like end is used for removing wax. You can pick up earwax instead of pushing. When you use cotton swabs, you will push earwax inside. As this Japanese ear pick uses very thin spoon type bamboo, you can pick your earwax easily. It will be painless if you get used to it. After useing, Just wash with water & air dry.

It can be used for kids, too. You need to be very careful using one, though.My daughter likes to have her ears clean with it. When she was baby, she always went to asleep after cleaning her ears with bamboo ear pick.

Japan only!

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