Zero Waste Water Filter

After going zero waste lifestyle, I started using activated charcoal for water filter. Japanese have done for centuries.It makes tap water ( drinkable one) tastes great.The smelling chroline and other unpleasant odors will be eliminated by the power of activated charcoal.Moreover, charcoal contains nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and iron which dissolve easily into water.

1 stick is for 1L of tap water.

-rinse off the excess ash.
-boil it for 10 minutes before first use.
-fill your containers with tap water, and put it for at least 2 hours.( over 8 hours is better )

Charcoal works 2 weeks. To refresh the charcoal, boil it for 10 minutes again. It lasts 3 months. After using, you can toss them to your compost.

We use the charcoal for purposes of preparing of tea and coffee, too. Putting charcoal into a pot of water during the boiling process will absorb impurities in the water, too!

I recommend to choose binchotan charcoal or bamboo charcoal. Binchotan is charcoal from Japanese oak. The quality is good !Plus, It is said that bamboo one has more power to purify water in Japan .

Japan Only!

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  1. サロメ says:

    Good morning,

    Would you by any chance happen to know which store (preferably in the Kansai area) sells these?
    I would love to use them ^^

    Looking forward to hear from you and wish you a nice day 🙂