Zerowaste Coffee

I love coffee. At the moment, I make my coffee in my Vietnamese coffee maker every day.Have you used Vietnamese coffee maker ? No paper filters needed, no big machine to brew one cup of coffee.I bought the stainless steel version in Vietnam. It is really good !

Japan Only!

I will show you how to use it !

Do you feel mottainai when you throw away the used coffee grounds ? Instead of disposing of them in the bin, in Japan use the same coffee grounds a second time for different purposes!

After you have made your coffee, spread them on a plate, and let them dry for a half day.

-We spread semi dried coffee grounds on the floor and broom them over the area. Coffee grounds have the power to reduce odors. It catches the dust and stops it from flying around,too. It cleans and polishes the floor as well . You can enjoy the good coffee smells, when you are cleaning, too !

-We pack dried coffee grounds into cotton bags and put them in places that smell such as toilet and shoe rack.StarbucksJapan does this in their toilets, too !

*Mottainai is a term of Japanese origin that has been used by environmentalists. The term in Japanese conveys a sense of regret over waste; the exclamation “mottainai!” can translate as “what a waste!” . Japanese environmentalists have used the term to encourage people to “reduce,reuse,recycle”

(Proof reading by Artemisia Hood)

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  1. Amy says:

    I don’t drink coffee nowadays but I do visit Starbucks for the coffee ground. Like you I put it in the toilet, and also laundry room and as fertilizer for my plants. 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    I’ve never heard of using coffee grounds in this way, such a good idea. I shall have to try it.