Zerowaste Gift Wrapping

I began using Japanese traditional furoshiki cloth instead of wrapping paper a few years ago. Then, I love these, in particular. I am obsessed with Furoshiki now! Each design is so cute and it held up well while wrapping all of the presents. Furoshiki is great, not easily ripped or hard to work with. It covers out gifts nicely and is pretty to look at. It’s not flimsy. It’s easy to work with.

It is so much easier than the usual wrapping papers that are normally sold. It is nicely decorated and can hold presents from tiny to huge, even with crazy shapes. No scissors, no tape, no ribbons needed. Furoshiki is life-changing. It has reduced my gift-wrapping stress and is so easy to use. It is the absolute best and easiest way to make your gifts look bright and pretty.

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