Zerowaste House Shoes

I made Japanese traditional flip flop from my grandpa’s old cloth & cotton rope. It is very comfortable and feel good to my feet. More I wear the flipflop will fit and adjust to my feet and get comfortable more and more. Love to wear these around the house. They’re comfy, stay on well and wash up good as new! Doesn’t make my feet hot like slippers.

In addition, the knots on the sole can stimulate the point of my feet. Reflexology-based sole are good for blood circulation,too. The nerves in the foot are connected with organs and muscle. Stimulating these nerves is said to have a positive impact on the health in Japan.

They may hurt your feet for a little while but well worth the comfort there after. At first I thought they maybe to stiff and I wouldn’t like them but they have really worked out.

I found tutorial video on youtube. ( Only Japanese)

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