Zerowaste Laundry

I grew up using wooden washboard instead of bleach to get stains out of my clothes. It has held up nicely. I still use this oldstyle wooden washboard at home. It’s a nice addition to the washing machine. It’s extremely basic but gets the job done.If you’ve never tried a washboard, this is a good place to start.

This little washboard is light and compact. Wooden wave does not damage the fabric. Love how it gets the dirt out of my kids socks that the machine couldn’t get out.

I use it in a bathroom sink. If I need to wash something by hand I rub them against it using soapy water. A few seconds on the washboard will have dirt coming from them! It works well and it finally took all the dirt out that the washing machine left behind! I use it also for delicate or hand wash needed clothes.

It will be nice for traveling, or for emergency situations, where I’m forced to do laundry in the sink.

If you want your baby’s cloth diapers to come out clean, I recommend this. The detergent does a lot of work but if you really want them clean, this is the way to go.

Japan only!

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