Zerowaste Laundry Routine

I’ve been sun drying my laundry for years. Hanging clothes outside is the most common method of drying our clothes in Japan.We only use the dryer if it’s raining and we must dry quickly.It will reduce your electricity bill and help the environment.Every time we hang clothes, we are saving energy. I will show you how to sun dry laundry in Japan.

We live in a small apartment with a tiny balcony. The most typical way of drying laundry in Japan is to hang them on stainless poles at balcony. We use special holders to hold up these poles. The poles are almost 1 inch in diameter. The poles are sturdy. There are no problems hanging or draping wet clothes, futon matress and big towels.

I use stainless clothespins to hold wet fabric on a pole. These clothespins really hold. They hold tight better than plastic ones. All my plastic clothespins shatter after a year.

I use these metal clothespins hanger to hang small things. It is still in the same condition it was when I bought it a few year ago. The clips grab the clothes gently but firm, and make drying more easier and efficient. So far no broken parts yet. I used to use a hanging device made of plastic. It was cheaper, but it broke soon.

I also recommend this laundry detergent for sun drying !

Japan only !

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