Zerowaste Laundry

The Laundry recvolution from Japan! Are you looking for zerowaste laundry detergents?

I do not use laundry detergent anymore. I use Magnesium pellets as laundry detergent.When this magnesium pellets comes in contact with water, it forms alkaline water.It works effectively in both hard and soft water. This water was high ability to eliminate dirt,germs, and odor. Magnesium is reusable for 1 year.It will clean and deodorize your laundry better than standard laundry detergent.It’s perfect for sensitive skin. Moreover, it keeps washing machine clean !! Plus It’s no need for rinse cycle. It can save tons of water and energy.

How to wash
-Put 60g magnesium pellets into cotton bag.It Works for laundry load up to approx 17lb. If your washing mashine is bigger, you need more megnesium pellets.
-tie tightly or sew the top of the bag . ( Be careful, pellets came out before… )
-Place it into washing machine together with dirty laundry
-Set to skip rinse cycle
-After finishing the washing, hang up it to air dry

If the pellets get dark, soak in white vinegar for 20 minutes.

After 1 year use,plant the magnesium pellets in the garden to enrich the soil.

Japan only!

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  1. TK says:

    Hello, thank you for this tip. Where do you buy Terra Wash pellets in Japan?

    • zerowaste.japan says:

      Hi! Thank you very much for your message. I put Amazon Japan link on my blog! Please check it. Thank you very much!