Zerowaste Lunch Box

Reusable lunch boxes are environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags .However, many lunch boxes are made of plastics. Are you concerned about the chemicals that can leach out of plastics into the foods from your lunchbox ? Are you looking for an alternative lunchbox without BPA and other toxic substances that are contained in plastics? I replaced my bpa plastic lunchbox to this Japanese traditional wooden bento box a few years ago .

This traditional wooden bento box is made by Japanese craftman one by one. Compared to stainless steel one, It is very light. It’s only around 7 ounces.It is perfect for bringing my own lunch to everywhere. It’s good for traveling, too.

It is made of wood, so it has excellent moisture retaining properties. It allows lunch packed inside to breathe.It help keep food fresh, and it makes your packed lunch more delicious. My lunch looks more delicious than plastic lunchbox ones for me!

Sadly,It is not dish washer safe and cannot be used in the microwave. I wash it with warm water & loofah Scrubbing brush. I can use detergent, too . It is not air-tight ones, so I use rubber band to avoid leak. I can put oily foods and wet foods into this bento box. However, I can not put liquid into it. With proper care, this bento box will last for many years.

I use similar one with this↓

Japan Only!

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