Zerowaste Mineral Water

After going zerowaste lifestyle, I drink tap water everyday. Yes, Tap water is more sustainable than bottled mineral water! It comes without bottles, no need to carry them home and also cheap !

However, Japan is hitting record temperatures this summer. Sometimes tap water isn’t enough, as too many electrolytes are lost through sweating. It will lead to heat stroke. As we sweat, we lose water and important minerals.

That’s why I have used activated charcoal stick to mineral my tap water. It imparts good minerals. It also provide needed potassium and magnesium. The activated charcoal have rich natural minerals. And these minerals is soluble in, and tap water is changed to mineral water. We can not create the minerals by ourselves. By drinking charcoal mineral water, we can replenish minerals.

It is so easy to pop into my jug.
I simply put the activated charcoal in tap water in one night, it will exert the same effect as water purifier.How to use activated charcoal is here.

I put the activated charcoal bar to my reusable bottles filled with tap water. I can get some minerals from water everywhere & everytime !