Zerowaste Alternative To Waxing

Since going zerowaste lifestyle, I haven’t used hair removal wax & cream.They come packaged in plastic. Moreover, commercial ones can contain harsh chemical ingredients to achieve the desired effects.

Now I use DIY Japanese style hair removal lotion. Do you know soy yogurt’s ‘whey’ can remove unwanted hair? I made a post here a few days ago about making homemade soy yogurt. Check my old post. I have so much whey now. I make hair removal lotion with it. I apply it to unwanted hair once a day, and it actually stunts its growth! The period of a new hair sprouts takes longer than before. Plus the new hair is much softer & thinner. Soy has a high content in estrogen, this might be the reason why it stops hair growth.

Ingredients:Soy yogurt’s whey & water

-let yogurt strain for two hours to get whey.
-Dilute the whey 2 times by water.
-put in in spray bottle ( keep it in refregiator. you can keep it for a month )
-Apply to freshly shaved area at first.
-Apply it once or twice a day.

For me, this works well. Especially for leg ! Have you ever tried this before?
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