Japanese Style To-Go Utensils

The chopstick is one of the important daily items for Japanese. Japanese chopsticks has many functions.We can eat almost every type of food with chopsticks. We use them to eat everything like rice, meat, noodles, salad, and more. Most chopstick material is wood or bamboo. Not plastic.

However, Sushi restaurants generally provide disposable chopsticks as do supermarkets, convenience stores and takeout shops in Japan. Japan consumes a massive 25 billion sets of them every year. The chopsticks are mostly used once and discarded.

They have a risk to our health, and they cause environmental harm. Health concerns have been raised from those materials having been treated with harmful chemicals. Moreover, lots of trees being cut down in order to make enough disposable chopsticks. If we can bring our own chopsticks, it’s not only environmental friendly and it’s for your health.

My Hashi (chopsticks) Project” took off around 10 years ago and lots of people started carry their own chopsticks in Japan. Some conscious people still carry their own. I always have one set in my bag, too. I don’t like to throw away wooden chopsticks.I did feel guilty using so many pairs of disposable chopsticks.

Let’s bring your own chopsticks! You can eat almost every type of food with chopsticks. Many stores now offering a wide selection of portable chopsticks,often with lovely designed cases in Japan. I hope to promote the protection of forests and prevention of global warming !

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