Zerowaste Winter Essential

Japanese traditional cotton made Hanten jacket would be so effective to keep me warm in my very cold apartment in winter. It keeps me warm and comfy since it’s really cold here in Japan.

This is so warm and cozy.It’s like a pretty wearable blanket! It’s like the comfort of a soft futon. It is like wearing a futon all the time.

It’s great to wear in the house. It’s super comfortable and keeps me warm and fits perfectly through the hips. I can keep my heat turned down and still be warm in my house. I’ve worn it nearly every night all of winter. Quilting keeps me warm but allows lots of movement. Short sleeves don’t get in the way of housework.

I usually wear a medium and this fits me fine. Plus My 10 years old daughter can wear it. It’s like one of those one size fits all! I will wear it for years to come!

It’s washable in washing machines on the gentle cycle.

I have this company’s Hanten! It is sustainably made in Japan, and quality is very good. Amazon Japan ship worldwide.

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