Zerowaste Wooden Comb

Wooden comb was usual before growing up of plastic and disposable ones in Japan . I recently use it for my hair. I am working toward less waste, so I am looking at ways to support natural products instead of plastic. This was a good option.

It is very effective so far! The wooden comb makes my hair healthy and shiny.It is durable and is healthier on my scalp, too.I never realized how much difference there was between a plastic comb and a wooden comb. Wooden comb created less static electricity while combing. It can eliminate dirt from hair, too. Moreover, it feels so much better against my scalp than plastic combs!

To make beautiful hair, Japanese use wooden comb with Camellia oil. Here is a Japanese traditional way of using a wooden comb. You can use any wooden combs.

If your wooden comb is varnished, rub it with sandpaper at first. Before using it, dip it in Camellia oil for a week. I used jar for the comb and oil.

After that, remove excess oil, and airdry it for a day. It’s ready to use. Once a week, take a drop of camellia or other plantbased oil, and rub the oil onto the brush.