A good element for casinos

It was only a few days ago when the draft of the law for the opening of the gaming market was made public. It is accurate to say that this opening will cause widespread shifts in the gaming industry, both offline and online. The proprietors of existing casinos have a favorable impression of the new venture. A glimpse of hope for preventing and resolving the crisis that is intensifying with each passing day.



Following the regulation of online casino sites, which do not have access to that market opening, the market opening of gambling casinos will make it possible for the real competition to observe a reduction in its size.

Because, as you are aware, poker, pari-mutuel betting, and horse racing are all possible candidates for future licensing.


However, what we have found out is that cities that already had a physical casino were eligible to collect 15% of the tax that was levied by online poker sites after they opened for business. A large quantity that, among other things, will make it possible to modernize or adjust some aspects in the interest of luring in new clients.


Beginning at the end of June, we will learn the identities of the fifty elected officials who have been awarded licenses. At that time,

stringent regulations will be put into place, which will lead to the shutting down of online gambling sites or to significant changes to those sites. Casinos are delighted by this law since it would reduce the amount of competition in the industry.


It is essential to be aware of the fact that the sector of land-based casinos has substantial worries and accumulates good responses to numerous limitations, be they related to smoking or “addict” games. However, the primary adversary of both traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and, of course, online casinos is the practice of giving incentives for extremely low wagering requirements.


The question that needs to be answered is whether or not the opening up of the gambling sector will enable casinos to fill their treasuries. We won’t have the answer till a few months have passed since the launch of this very desirable market.

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