If you spend enough time in Las Vegas or another casino site,

you will be assigned a casino host who will be there to help you with everything you need during your visit. They assist in planning your trip. She also provides privileges like free lodging and food.

Use your host to your advantage if you find yourself in that position. Make use of their offerings in whatever way you see fit.


But don’t expect to get the whole story from the casino host.


1 Which Games Have the Best Payouts?

A casino host’s primary responsibility is to increase the patrons’ financial investment in the casino. The casino advantage will always be the right amount, as long as they can convince you to wager as much as possible.


The best dealers and dealers in casinos are aware of which games have the largest house edge and hold percentage. That which has the lowest is also known to them. Compensation levels are often closely related to such details.


The projected loss of a player is used to establish his or her comp level at a casino. This is calculated by taking the entire amount bet and multiplying it by the house edge for the game being played.


Here’s a case in point:


In a blackjack game, a player may wager $100 per hand. During a typical poker game, he will play 500 hands. A total of $50,000 is at stake for him.


The casino’s estimated win is $1,000 ($50,000 multiplied by 2%).


The more money the casino expects the player to lose, the better.


What are the best low-house-edge games?

Casino employees would prefer that you avoid games with the smallest house advantage. Thus, it is unlikely that they will reveal which animals are infected.


If you don’t play with the optimal strategy, it doesn’t matter which games have the lowest house edge. However, your host is still hoping for maximum losses from you. They won’t recommend any games of higher quality.


No. 3: They aren’t looking out for your best interests.

The host at the casino is not looking out for your best interests. The casinos want you to have a good time, but that’s only because happy customers spend more money.


The goal of the casino staff is for you to spend as much time at the tables as possible. They are working toward this end in every way possible.


Number Four: They Hate You

The casino host may not necessarily detest the patrons. However, the hostess does not like you and is not your buddy. She may or may not like you depending on your actions, but you should never assume that she is fond of you.


The goal of the casino host is to increase your betting activity.


You think the host at the casino is on your side? Give this quick quiz a try:


Inform the casino host that you must travel to the city for work and will be unable to spend any time at the tables. Inquire as to the services they offer and any nearby attractions they might suggest.


It is possible to get housing if you are willing to forego several thousand bucks annually. The casino doesn’t want to lose you as a customer for the foreseeable future. Even so, there are bounds to this.


And if they do comp your stay, they’ll probably try to get you to wager more than you want to.


  1. They are uninterested in you, your family, or your company

The staff in casinos are friendly and interested in hearing about your family and pets. However, they don’t give a hoot.


Their goal is to make you believe they care so much that you’ll start betting with them.


Six, There Is No Free Stuff At The Casino

Freebies like food, lodging, and transportation aren’t exactly what they seem to be. They are deducted from your anticipated losses. The casino assures you that these extras don’t cost a cent. They would like you to be thankful for the care they are giving you.


For example, a player at blackjack can anticipate losing $1,000 over the course of 500 hands. Four times a year, he visits the casino and plays a total of 5,000 hands. Every time he travels, he loses an estimated $10,000. Every once in a while, he’ll have a winning trip. However, on average, the casino will have the right percentages.


The casino anticipates losing $10,000 on average from this gambler. They know they can offer him thousands of dollars’ worth of “free” items and still make a killing.


How much would it cost for a round-trip airfare, a week’s stay at a decent hotel, five free breakfasts, and four or five upscale dinners?


There’s no way it’s $10,000.


Seven- The More You Play, The More You Get

If you aren’t playing enough, the casino host may drop a suggestion. They won’t tell you outright that you have to make a minimum initial bet, though.


Play more often to earn additional complimentary items. While there are always exceptions to every rule, generally speaking, the more you gamble, the more you’ll get out of the casino host.


The Eighth Rule of Getting What You Want Is:

The majority of gamblers don’t interrogate their dealers enough. If you play your cards right, your host may even foot the bill for your lodging and food. But you can’t possibly know how much more you’re capable of gaining. You’ll never know what you’re capable of getting unless you ask.


Do you want to go to the Blue Man Group or to the Grand Canyon? Request assistance from your host.


How about taking your spouse to a spa?


Nothing of monetary value is required of you. Information might be helpful at times. Your host is expected to either know a lot or have access to a lot of knowledge.


Nine – There Are Other Casinos Where You Can Get a Better Deal

The host of the casino would be very upset if you decided to play anywhere else. She doesn’t even want you to consider approaching another host for conversation.


Have you made it to the top?


Market your play as much as you can. Get as much as possible for your game.


10 – You Can Pay $20 to Get an Upgrade The $20 price tag is all made up. However, for a modest supplementary fee, a room upgrade is frequently available. Is there a room reserved for you at the casino?


Inquire of her about the cost of upgrading.


  1. Just missing out on a significant promotion or benefit

You won’t know where you stand on the scale of players at the casino unless you keep track of your play (which you should do) and know how the casino determines the amount of your comps (which is practically hard to find out). There is always a line separating one level of play from another, but the bigger the player, the more you can get.


It would be helpful to know if you’re only a few thousand shy of the next level of player so you can play a bit more to get there.


If you’re lucky, the casino host will let you know when you’re getting close. Make sure you understand how much extra playing time is required and what you would receive if they do tell you. You should avoid losing twice as much as it would take to purchase equivalent benefits.


12 – After a Few Drinks Too Many

Do you think that’s why casinos provide complimentary beverages to their customers?


When one drinks, they are more likely to bet.


Your casino host would rather get you another drink than advise you to stop playing because she wants you to stay for as long as possible.


13 – Seeking a New Casino Host: Where to Look

Competition is fierce in the casino host industry. Hosts are very protective of their guests. Don’t inform your host that you’re considering leaving if you already have one.



Having a casino host and other rewards because of your play is a nice feeling. However, it is still important to look out for yourself.


The casino host is rooting for you to rack up as many wagers as possible. This is her end goal, and she acts accordingly. Keep this in mind. The services they offer should allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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