The Booongo Casino Games Online Software Gets an Upgrade

The casino content developer Boongo has unofficially initiated the process of redesigning the user interface design and software for its Promo product. This is a calculated step that has been made in order to encourage the essential strengthening of the relationship between its primary gameplay and the gamification features of its large array of online casino games.

The company has stated that all of the enhancements that have been made have been thoroughly optimized for use on mobile as well as tablet devices. This was done in order to best assure that the promotional widgets do not have the ability to interfere too strongly with the core gameplay of the slot machine. This was implemented so that it could be done.


Tools for Gamification Are Very Important

The Head of Account Management and Business Development at Booongo, Yuriy Muratov, stated in a statement that gamification tools are of utmost significance in the modern-day industry. He went on to say that the company had made a significant step forward by implementing these new enhancements to the design of the online casino games in order to assist the company in providing a more streamlined experience for users across all of its channels.


The Head of Account Management and Business Development noted that by utilizing collapsible and growing widgets, the company’s slots are now able to be packed full of promotional elements that won’t create too many disturbances to the primary gameplay of the game. This was stated by the individual who is in charge of both account management and business development. After everything is said and done, the primary mode of play is the most compelling aspect for players.


Upgrades Will Be Made Available In Three Separate Stages

It has been verified by Booongo that the modifications to the Promo UI 2.0 will be rolled out in three distinct phases. These phases will get underway with the introduction of a new widget system that will cover the promotional aspects of the company. This covers things like cashbacks, prize drops, and upcoming product releases in addition to hype tournaments. These widgets, which have been specifically intended to be both expandable and collapsible, have been produced in order to further improve the experience that the player has across the company’s full portfolio of slot machines. Widgets will also be accessible via a fresh button designating themselves as a Promo UI symbol.


The next round of the update for the casino games online will deal with all of the in-game pop-ups associated with Booongo. These pop-ups often provide essential bits of information on any Promotion alerts, as well as free bets or spins and any other prizes that may be awarded to players. In addition, these pop-ups may also explain any other prizes that may be granted to players.


In the final step of the makeover, each and every one of Booongo’s online casino games panels will be redesigned in order to make it much easier for players to grasp all of the terms and conditions that apply to promotional programs. This will include any additional information that may be required, such as prize pools, the most recent leaderboards of tournaments, and information of a similar nature.

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